How to Choose the Best Color for Pool Table Felt: A Guide for Beginners

How to Choose the Best Color for Pool Table Felt: A Guide for Beginners_1

Choosing the best color for the pool table felt is an important decision when playing a game of billiards. A course on the subject could cover the following topics: 

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1. Introduction to Pool Table Felt Colors 

One critical step in having the perfect pool table is picking the right color felt. While this may seem daunting, it’s pretty simple – all you need is a basic understanding of what types of colors are available and how they can impact your game. 

Pool table felt comes in various colors, from classic hues like green and blue to bolder colors like yellow and pink. Speed and glare reduction are two primary qualities when selecting your feet. Generally speaking, darker shades reduce glare better than lighter ones because brighter colors reflect light more efficiently. 

Bright colors will run slowly down the game since the ball takes more time to roll across them, whereas darker shades contribute to speeding up play by providing less friction. So depending on your skill level and preference, you should pick a lighter or darker hue. 

Ultimately any color choice is subjective, but these tips should help point new players in the right direction when selecting their perfect pool table felt color!

How to Choose the Best Color for Pool Table Felt: A Guide for Beginners_1

2. Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here – different colors give off different vibes and can affect how you play the game. Fortunately, with some research and thought, you can find the right felt to make your pool table look great and feel perfect. 

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Think About the Overall Aesthetic: When choosing a color for your pool table felt, it’s essential to consider the overall look of the room where the pool table is located. Consider any existing colors in the room and aim for a contrast that ties everything together. 

Choose a Color That Complements: Consider all elements of your pool table setup, from 

the table light to your cue sticks, and pick a color that accentuates these elements. The trick is to use contrasting hues so that everything stands out in harmony. 

Opt for Neutral or Brown Shades: If you don’t want your pool table felt to date quickly or become outdated, go for a neutral or brown shade such as navy blue, black, taupe, cream, or beige. These shades are usually timeless and will always look stylish no matter how many years pass! 

Investigate Different Textures: Just like colors can make an impression on your decorating style, different fabrics can also make a statement when picking out the perfect pool table felt! Look into various textures like textured velvet or microfiber blends — they might just be exactly what you need to complete your dream game room setup!

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3. The Pros & Cons of Different Color Options 

Pros & Cons of Different Color Options: 

When choosing the best color for pool table felt, there are several pros and cons of different color options. 


  • Dark colors, such as green or black, can help reduce glare and reflections, making it easier to focus on shots. 
  • Lighter colors like blue or red add a touch of fun and vibrance to your game room. 
  • Certain shades can also help with visibility when shots have high speed behind them. 
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  • Darker colors could make finding balls more difficult in low light conditions. 
  • Light colors might fade over time due to extended contact with direct light sources such as sunlight.
  • Certain colors lend themselves better to specific table designs and may interfere with the standard design if you purchase an off-brand or custom set. 

By weighing these pros and cons against each other, you can decide which color will suit your needs when selecting a new pool table felt for your home game room.

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4. Must-Have Accessories for Beginners

For beginners choosing the best color for their pool table felt, there are a few must-have accessories that can make the process easier. Here is a quick list of some of the must-haves: 

A Color Swatch Chart: A color swatch chart allows you to compare many colors simultaneously and helps you narrow down your choices quickly. 

Pool Table Measuring Tape: Having an accurate tape measure to guide your measurements will ensure a perfect fit when it comes time to cut and install your felt. 

Felt Cloth Samples: Most fabric stores will give you samples of different felt cloth types so you can feel each one before deciding which one is right for your pool table. 

Professional Grade Staple Gun: Installing pool table felt requires a powerful staple gun with sufficient power to insert staples into even the thickest felt fabrics with ease. 

Trimming Shears: After marking where you want to cut based on your measurements, pruning shears can help you make clean and precise cuts that will only fray a little when installing them on your pool table. 

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These essential accessories will make it much easier for beginners to choose the best color for their pool table felt!

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5. Conclusion: Key Considerations for Picking out Pool Table Felt

When choosing pool table felt, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Think about the style and design of your billiard table, the color scheme of the room where your table is located, and the type of game you will be playing on the table.

Additionally, consider the material the felt is made of and the type and weight of cloth preferred by experienced players who play serious matches.

Finally, consider potential hazards that may occur if specific colors blend into each other or if certain shades affect a player’s mood while they are playing. 

No matter which color you choose for your pool table, as long as it meets all these requirements, you should have no problem finding a sufficient amount of quality felt to line your table so that it looks its best!

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