6 Affordable and Creative Garage Pool Table Ideas for Every Budget

6 Affordable and Creative Garage Pool Table Ideas for Every Budget_1


If you love the pool and want to bring the game into your home, a garage pool table is the ultimate way to do it. From upcycled materials and unconventional designs to luxurious accents like custom felt and leather pockets, there are plenty of ways to create a unique pool table experience in your garage or man cave. Whether you need something small,

inexpensive, or unique, these six affordable garage pool table ideas will fit nearly any budget.

From mini tables for an intimate game with friends to large showpieces for more involved gaming, read on for creative and affordable ideas for creating the perfect addition to your home entertainment space.

Create a Pro-Quality Pool Table with Provided Parts

If you want to create a pro-quality pool table on a budget, then have no fear! You can get creative and put together a stunning piece without breaking the bank.

Plenty of stores provide all the necessary parts for building your pool table. These include wood panels that make up the playing surface, legs for support, felt for the rails, pockets, and more. All you need is hard work and determination! Plus, you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save by making one yourself from provided parts. 

When painting your pool table, you should use colors that match your room’s existing home decor with colors like black or brown to keep it modern and timeless. Light-colored felt will also brighten up any space. Then just put it all together -easy as that! With just a few simple instructions and an eye for aesthetics, you can have a professional quality pool table in no time!

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Convert an Old Dresser Into a Pool Table

If you’re looking for an excellent and affordable way to add a pool table to your garage, you can convert an old dresser into one! All you need is an old dresser, some essential carpentry tools, and a bit of imagination. Here’s how:

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First, dismantle the dresser and measure out the four different table sides. You will want these measurements to be as consistent as possible. Then, mark the area where the felt fabric cover will be placed on each side. Cut out three corner slots so they can fit together smoothly when assembled. 

Next, drill dowel pin holes around each of the four sides to attach legs that will eventually support the weight of the slate top. Remember to countersink those dowel pin holes with plastic or wood plugs! Finally, attach caster wheels to each leg so that movement is effortless. 

Once all your pieces are ready, it’s time to put them all together and get creative with decorating your new pool table! Add some padding around edges, so players don’t get too banged up when shooting pool shots, and voila – you have yourself a DIY-style garage pool table. Have fun playing with friends!

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How to Make a Garage Pool Table Easily & Inexpensively from Wood Pallets

To save money while creating an awesome garage pool table, a great idea is to make your own from wood pallets. Wood pallets are often available for free or at a meager cost, providing an ideal material for the pool table surface.

Begin by disassembling the wood pallets into individual boards, which can be cut to size for the pool table surface, legs, and supporting framework. You’ll also need pieces of foam or padding for the playing surface, paint or stain for the external finish, and enough felt fabric to cover the entire table surface – you may need multiple felt rolls depending on their size.

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Finally, you’ll require all appropriate tools & hardware, like a saw, drill bits, screws, and nails. 

Once your items are in place, it’s time to start building! Follow the instructions online to create your frame from the wooden boards and ensure it’s appropriately leveled. After this has been done, attach foam padding plus felt fabric onto the shelf until everything fits together.

When complete, use a marker pen to mark off all lines/dots before painting or staining its exterior – now you have a cheap but creative garage pool table that can be used whenever you like!

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Build your Own Custom Pool Table Out of Lumber and Particle Board

One of the most creative garage pool table ideas is to build your custom pool table from lumber and particle board. This project is easy enough for any DIY enthusiast – all you need are some essential woodworking tools, a few sheets of lumber and particle board, and some basic hardware.

Start by measuring out the size of your pool table and then cutting the boards to fit. Secure them together with clamps, screws, and glue. Then build the frame for your pool table, including doors and drawers if desired, then paint or stain it to finish off the look.

Once the basic construction of your custom garage pool table is complete, you’ll next want to get more creative – select a unique color palette with themed décor to make it stand out! A decorative cloth on top will help protect the surface while creating even more visual flair.

Add colorful cue sticks, balls, and other accessories like chalk holders to complete your custom design. With this method, you can confidently create an affordable and beautiful garage pool table that everyone will love!

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The Boom Box Portable Garage Pool Table DIY Project

If you want to take your garage pool table game to the next level, you’ll want to check out this Boom Box Portable Garage Pool Table DIY Project. This fun project is affordable and creative, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious pool players.

First, you will need basic building supplies such as wood boards, screws, bolts, washers, and other materials. You’ll also need tools like saws, drills, and drill bits. With these items in hand, the project should take about two hours from start to finish. 

In addition to these materials and tools, you’ll also want to source some fun extras, such as LED lights or an excellent finish that fits your overall theme. The possibilities are endless for making your ideal garage pool table! 

Once assembled, this boom box portable garage pool table has a nice lower playing surface, perfect for smaller spaces—making it an ideal fit for garages or outdoor areas with limited space. 

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If you’re looking for an affordable and original way to maximize your home’s potential, this portable Garage Pool Table Boom Box DIY could be a great choice!


Concluding, a pool table is an excellent way to transform your garage into an entertainment area for you and your family. Though it may have seemed a challenging task initially, this article has provided six affordable and creative ideas that will fit any budget or style. When styling your swimming pool area, the sky’s the limit with innovative solutions – from incorporating Ikea furniture for a custom pool table to painting on a mural or upcycling existing pieces.

Finally, remember to research materials and supplies that are durable enough to withstand the humidity of your garage. If done correctly, we are sure that this transformation will bring a lot of joy and years of fun for everybody!

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